3/4″ Wide BioThane Leash Slpitter (Gold Series BioThane)



One Leash, 2 dogs, no problem!! These leash splitters are perfect for when you want to walk multiple dogs with one leash, just attach your leash to the ring on the splitter and then attach one leg of the splitter to one dog collar and then attach the other leg of the splitter to another dog collar. The standard splitter is for 2 animals and you choose what length you want the splitter to be. The standard lengths are 10″ long, 12″ long and 14″ long. Our Leash splitters are made of Genuine BioThane that has superior performance, strength and durability that will outlast any nylon and vinyl leash splitter. Some benefits to BioThane are:

* Durable
* Easy to clean
* Waterproof
* Flexible
* Abrasion-resistant
* Moisture-resistant
* Light weight
* Hygienic
* Odorless

(For a complete detail of Gold Series BioThane check out the About BioThane section)

We offer two different hardware options; Nickle Plated Steel and Solid Brass. Our Solid Brass is excatly that, solid Brass, not brass plated.

BioThane comes in a wide selection of bright vibrant colors so be sure to click on the color selection guide to view available colors. If you would like we can make one leg 1 color and the other leg another color but be sure to select the “color 2” option or it will be made one color. All of our leash splitters are personally handmade by myself, if there is a custom product or leash splitter size that you are interested in please contact us.

(See color selection guide under images)

Additional information


Black, White, Red, Maroon, Orange, Pink, Violet, Royal Blue, Lime Green, Hunter Green, Yellow

Color 2

White, Black, Red, Maroon, Orange, Pink, Violet, Royal Blue, Lime Green, Hunter Green, Yellow


10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch

Hardware Type

Solid Brass (+$4.25), Nickle Plated Steel


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